Thanks to one of our partners, the Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center (CPAC), a new series is available to parents and professionals so they can gain skills and knowledge necessary for them to be effective members at the Planning and Placement Team Meeting (PPT).

This training series will prepare participants in the laws regarding special education, including state and federal initiatives that impact student with disabilities. The goal is for participants to become active and collaborative team members in an effort to support student success.

The training covers:

  • The Parent’s Role at the Table: Planning and Progress Monitoring
  • Developing an Appropriate IEP
  • Laying the Foundation: Educational Laws and their Impact on Students with Disabilities
  • Reaching Agreement by Working Together
  • Transition to Adult Life and Self-Advocacy
  • Supporting Other Families
  • Effective Communication Strategies

Fall 2021 Training – Online

The training will be held Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM beginning October 12th, through November 30th, 2021.
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Applications are required for all sessions.
Next STEPS Brochure
Next STEPS Application

For more information or questions about the application process, please call the Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center at (860) 739-3089 or email Lisa at

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