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Books about Race, Racism & Identity

Books Celebrating Racial Inclusion – Office of Early Childhood Education

Videos / Podcasts/ Webinars

  • How to not accidentally raise a racist – Award winning podcast parenting show for everyone. Includes stories about the surprises and absurdities of raising other humans—and being raised by them.

  • Talk about Race and Racism with your child – Office of Early Childhood Education, part of the keeping it real initiative

  • EmbraceRace – Founded by two parents who set out to create a community and gather the resources they needed to meet the challenges faced by those raising children in a world where race matters.

Friday CAFÉ

The Friday CAFÉ team collected some quality resources for home learning during Coronavirus.  All resources are free and include information for talking to children about Coronavirus, fun tips and tools, and comprehensive resources provided by leading family engagement organizations.

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