Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Family Resources

Social Emotional Family Resources – from the State of Connecticut, which includes, behavioral health crisis resources, supporting emotional well-being, and family activity resources.

Talk it Out – We all struggle, if you need to talk to someone, there is a toll free number you can call to talk it out.

CT Department of Ed COVID-19 Resource Center – Family friendly information about COVID-19, resources to talk to your children about COVID-19, and home learning tips

Utility and Basic Needs


Resource Centers

The Village COVID-19 Resource Center – The Village for Children and Families offers a comprehensive resource center for many topics related to COVID-19

US Department of Education COVID-19 Resources for families, schools and communities – These resources include guidance and policies related to elementary and secondary educationspecial education, postsecondary education, and lifelong learning.

CPAC COVID-19 Resources – CPAC, Connecticut Parents Advocacy Center, has put together a whole bunch of special education resources for families

CCMC COVID-19 Information Center – Connecticut Children’s has information to navigate through COVID-19, including support as parents for all the new challenges we are facing


Schools / Learning / Education

Resources to Support Student Learning During COVID-19 – The State of CT Department of Education has complied a list of resources for schools to help students during COVID-19 (topics include things like: apps, websites, and best practices)


Videos / Podcasts/ Webinars

Resources and Supports for Families during the COVID-19 Pandemic – From the CT State Department of Education and CPAC, with a focus on special needs education

Friday CAFE – is a morning discussion and networking series for families, schools and the communities who have an interest in family engagement. Topics include things like: virtual learning, COVID-19 and challenges parents are facing.

CT State Department of Education Professional Support Series – A series of videos that discuss topics like, virtual learning, English learners, early education, support for students with special needs, and virtual conversations with families during COVID-19.

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